Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Long time no blog

Its been a super busy start to the year.
the chairs are on the back burner for a while or at least till something
hot like a love chair or a real nice big Belmont barber chair comes up for grabs.

Went to Berlin with my little sis in February for a weekend then of to Japan for a month. But had to come home a bit early because of the earthquakes I still cant believe how organized the Japanese are and how the very next day people are trying to get back in to work.

If we get a bit of snow or a bit to much sun .our system just folds

God forbid if something on half this scale happed here in the UK Madness would break out. I would be with the looters I know some good spots

Any way back now busy as hell moved to the summer pad with Saki so she can paint in better light..with a view to kill for. more info on saki and bitches first show soooon.... until then keep an eye out for her Bitches

Big up to Japan and there people