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Save The Chairs

Sew Watless is a freethinking, one-man band who specialises in re-making and re-homing found objects.

So often people leave, once loved items out on the streets, waiting for the local council to pick up and ultimately dispose of them.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about dishevelled furniture, left to waste, yet with so much more to give.
Sew Watless takes it upon itself to not only restore, but also reinvent, modernize and collaborate with items of craftsmanship and beauty.
With pattern cutting, carpentry and upholstery skills every piece is deconstructed then reconstructed in a different guise.

All items saved from the ill fated tip are Sew Wat’ed back into life.
Taking inspiration from eras past, from skills now left to ruin, from the art of attention to detail so overlooked in this fast mass produced age, Sew Watless aims to create a sense of whimsy in his work by mixing textures, details, materials and historical reference with pure passion and enthusiasm.

Whether it was once a Victorian Chesterfield, an Art Deco lounge chair or a 1950s Love Seat, Sew Watless manages to transform it, restore it, make-do-and-mend it into something captivating…mixing vintage jacquard fabrics with modern screen prints, distressed leathers with salvaged cashmere, carved wooden buttons with bakelite ones, which ever way he works its safe to say that Sew Watless manages to catapult it, with pure uniqueness, into a world of its own.

Thursday, 5 November 2009