Thursday, 28 June 2012


Blog spot is a wank spot.  I rarely blog because am always doing something and don't really enjoy sitting
still looking at a screen. 
To day is a nice sunny day in June and I need to be in all day waiting on a delivery.

What productive things could  I do  I thought.   Blog and upload previous entries from April. 
Well as it turns out Blogger doesn't let you upload like it used to .

I tried uploading my entries from April and it pops up in June with today's date and time. Not claming
to be a wiz on the blogs/net but this is really crap and cant believe this is the end of my draft now & blog when I have the time. If you know what I am doing wrong on this blogging matter please get in touch with me and Ill take you to Pizza East  on Mondays.

Still sewing  and really looking forward to switch up for a couple of weeks.
And jump on the power tools. Going to move up stairs for good this time and let   L.G  & Co. take over
the old unit. Ill miss the space and the fact that its on the ground floor and warm in winter.

But its Sew much brighter up stairs. just need to make some kind of glass box work space to keep Saki warm.